Thank you. I appreciate art in every attempt entirely because it is subjective. I don’t get it sometimes. I don’t even think it needs to be a ~think piece. Does it add value or relevance or connect…? That’s it. I appreciate the need for a history. 500+ years of evolution has an impact on more than life itself- the education and communication of art can follow suit too. Mona had her day in the light. Let’s please move forward.


Dancers on a Plane by Jasper Johns

Once again, I feel compelled to address some claims made by the art critic Jonathan Jones at The Guardian.  This time, Jones has written a piece attacking Banksy.  This in itself is not the problem.  The problem is that the attack makes very little sense under close examination.

Here is the crux of Jones’s argument:

Some art can exist just as well in silence and obscurity as on the pages of newspapers. The Mona Lisa is always being talked about, but even if no one ever again concocted a headline about this roughly 510-year-old painting it would still be as great. The same is true of real modern art. A Jasper Johns painting of a network of diagonal marks surrounded by cutlery stuck to the frame, called Dancers On a Plane – currently in an exhibition at the Barbican – was just as real, vital and profound when…

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Chicago’s Dining Room

Chicago’s Dining Room would look like this.

Dining Room Dining Room

Elsa Peretti® Bean® frame & 10” Classic candlesticks from

Calico Corners Wayfarer Fabric Collection from

Nate Berkus™ Loden Jute Rug – Blue from
Parsons Reclaimed Russian Oak Dining Table from
42″ French Library Shelving Polished Stainless Steel from
Looks like a shiny new skyscraper

Magenta Bike Plates (Set of 4) from
Stuart Compact Mission Chandelier from

Vintage lion’s head door knockers from ebay, etsy & Snapdeal

Cupid’s Kitchen


Candlestick Floor Lamp Polished Nickel with Linen Shade – Restoration Hardware
Rococo Floral Etched Mirror – Restoration Hardware
stainless steel shiny wine coaster – CB2
antique-silver-salt-pepper-shakers – Pottery Barn
Ribbon Heart Plate – Anthropologie
Apron – Anthropologie
Marquee Arrow Light – Urban Outfitters

Just Like You

Small just like you
Small just like you

I’ve started working with local startups in the Chicagoland area and have quickly found that creativity goes a long way. Understanding niche markets or specialized industries and small budgets can separate me from the fancy- pants, name brand marketers.  I get your community. I love your work and I shop where you sell.  It’s nothing new. It is simple and overlooked though.  “Just Like You” campaign focuses on creative marketing and design for small businesses- that I personally like. Over the course of 6 months, I started creating small pieces to display in local hotspots that I frequent like a fabric store, woodworking shop and general art studio. I used to sell life insurance at dinnertime when I was 17.  I don’t like soliciting and cold calling. I know you don’t either. It just makes more sense to do what you do in the environments that you actually like and you’ll actually love what you do.

Your Marketing and Design Reading for The Weekend

Staying relevant with continued effort

Affinity Express Blog

We have a bit of a social media and blogging theme for this weekly reading post. If you are interested in knowing what other company marketers are with their blogs and learning how to improve your effectiveness, I think you’ll find this collection helpful.

Become a Social CMOElectronic Newspapers

This was an insightful article that reminds us we have to practice what we preach. You know your company needs to be active on social media but you figure you can hire some “kid” and turn him or her loose on your behalf. Not so much.

Forrester’s Chris Stutzman points out that only 16% of CMOs believe it is necessary for them to be proficient at social media themselves to be successful leaders. They are in for a rude awakening. In the next 20 years, we will enter what Forrester calls “the age of the customer,” meaning CMOs can’t be content with…

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Hans Solo & Snow White’s Living Room

Disney and Star Wars

hans White Solo Home



Linus’s Great Room

Linus CB Home


Charlie Brown called. He wants his Chevron pattern back.


inspired rooms

Relativity 1953 Lithograph

a. Restoration Hardware 19th C. Quatrefoil Iron Bed without Footboard
b. Sky Miles  Brussel’s Bonsai Sago Palm
c. Urban Outfitters Little Birch Jewelry Stand
d. west elm. Stripe Sheet Set
e. Urban Outfitters. The Ramones Poster
f. Urban Outfitters. Portland General Store Cigar Box Set
g. Pottery Barn Elise Floor Mirror
h. Restoration Hardware Polyhedron Model Polished Nickel
i. Pottery Barn Antique Mercury Glass Table & Bedside Lamps
j. west elm. Kite Kilim Floor Poof
k. William Sanoma Glass Carafe
l. Pottery Barn Burlap Drum Shade Pendant

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