Jingle All The Way!

Hate to see ya go, love to watch you leave. 2021 is going to be incredible! Until then, check out some clipart.

Public Domain Art

My new favorite place online is Raw Pixel. Let me know what you think.

Free Coffee

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Chartreuse coffee animation

Have a great day!

Trends & Vintage Metal

It’s just a phase I’m told. I try to pick pieces that feel solid and bohemian and that can last through a fleeting trend so that when I do decide to paint over the white-washed wood and move on to my next phase I don’t need to start over entirely. Mixed metal pieces work well together as long as the finish is well worn. Vintage clock available on Etsy

Available now @ChartreuseStore on Etsy

Paint, paint and more paint

Regardless of how others feel about chippy, layers of color and dimension, I will always choose paint. I have the ability to repect the opinions of others AND continue to love old crusty wood furniture. Others might think it has seen better days- I see it for what it is now; Gorgeous!

We’re moving!

We’re moving to the Crystal Lake Antique Mall, Garden Room. Please come and visit!

moving2 North Williams Street, Crystal Lake, Ill.    (815) 245-5678

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